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Jawahir is proudly presenting truly unique jewelry. We make sure that every piece has the marvelous detail that truly makes you fall in love with it. We offer hundreds of designs that will be the perfect match for every taste from lovely vintage to edgy modern pieces. We are happy to present the wide selection of timeless, fashion forward designs that will complement your lifestyle. At Jawahir Jewelry we believe that quality is the key so our mission is to create stylish, gorgeous pieces that will shine forever.

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Working with the best manufacturers across the world, we ensure to follow the highest industry standards. With this approach we make it possible to offer our customer only the best of the best; precious metal casting, stone setting, polishing, finishing, style and designs. With us you’ll enjoy the most amazing service both: pre-purchase and after you have chosen the perfect piece. We make sure to pay attention to each and every detail and answer all the answers you have.
Our promise is that your experience with us will be unforgettable!

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